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E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes)

We offer an ability base program that aligns education and athleticism in order to create a path for success for all of our stars.


EA Prep University is designed to provide basketball only instruction on the skills and knowledge required to procure post-secondary academics and athletics. We offer an ability based program that combines both theoretical & practical knowledge applications in order to improve, enhance or advance post-secondary educational opportunities. Stars will learn critical competencies to meet industry demands, including training, competition, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning, player standards, referents, self-awareness, self-assessment, team management, efficiencies and professionalism. We offer a vast field of professionals ranging from our academic director to our training, coaching and referent coordinators that’s dedicated to the overall success of our stars. After extensive athletic training, evaluation and implementation our stars become lifelong learners and grounded athletes.

** ACT/SAT Prep tutoring is available if needed.**

Admissions Requirements “Learn How to Enroll”

EA PREP UNIVERSITY does not discriminate in its admissions, instruction or graduation policy on the bases of age, race, color creed, religion, sex, financial status, impairiedness, residence or origin. Our admission policy is as follows:
Pre/Post student of high school or equivalent
U.S Citizen or legal admitted alien

To enroll follow these steps:

1. Complete online application

(click link below):–commuting-program

2. Pay registration fee.

3. Email the following:

1. Birth Certificate (MANDATORY)

2. Proof of graduation or diploma from high school. (MANDATORY)

4.Contact Head Coach:


Our post-graduate student-athletes will play on the following exposure platforms:

  • NCAA Certified Events
  • High School Showcases
  • Exposure Camps
  • National schedule vs Colleges, Junior Colleges and other Post-Grad programs. This allows the kids to gain maximum exposure while working to earn an athletic scholarship to play basketball at a college or university.

What makes an E.A. Prep player?
An E.A. Prep Star basketball player can come in any size, shape, or color. There is no common denominator except a love for the game of basketball and an intense desire to get the most out of their abilities. He does not care if he is the one to set the screen or the one who hits the game winning shot because fulfilling his role is important. He understands his commitment to his teammates and that basketball is a team game. He is first concerned with the good of the team, and knows that individual recognition will come through team excellence.

An E.A. Prep Star player has the enthusiasm of an evangelist, the discipline of a monk, the heart of a warrior, and never loses the honesty and character of a small boy.

An E.A. Prep Star player is made, not born. He is constantly striving to reach his potential, knowing that he will bypass other players who cannot withstand this quest for excellence.

An E.A. Prep Star player is what a small boy dreams of being one day, and what an old man can look back on with great pride that he once was.


B1/B2 Tourist Visa Information

The U.S. tourist visa, otherwise known as the B1/B2 visa, is specifically for persons wishing to enter the United States for business, pleasure, tourism, or medical needs.

This visa is appropriate for:

  • Athletes participating in a E.A. Prep University sport’s program with no academic component

Applying for a Tourist Visa
Each individual applying for a tourist visa must submit the following documentation their local Embassy:

  1. The DS-160, online application for nonimmigrant visa;

  2. A passport valid for at least 6 months after the applicant’s intended period of stay

  3. One 2×2 photograph.

  4. Required visa application and issuance fee.

Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160)

To request a letter:

  • Please email a copy of your passport picture page to and let us know your reservation dates at E.A. Prep University.

  • Please allow 14 business days for the letter. The letter will be emailed as a color PDF that you can print out and take to the Embassy.

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