Established in 2001 by Mr. Aaron Alexander; Educated Athletes (E.A.) Prep Stars was founded on the principle that every athlete would have an opportunity to experience scholastic success regardless of upbringing, economics or family support. Basketball is his passion although he’s a dual sport athlete who played from elementary to college. He learned early on from his grandparents that sports was only a stepping stone for him to make his impact on society. He started his athletic career in football for South Mecklenburg HS and went on to receive a dual scholarship from Methodist University to play collegiately Football and Basketball. Unfortunately, Aaron’s athletic footprint was interrupted due to a car accident and unfortunate decisions but he declared to continue his education. He completed his education at Kings University and begin coaching middle school basketball. Due to budget cuts and unforeseen circumstances Aaron learned that not all kids have access to organized sports. A late bloomer himself he knew first hand the benefits of organized sports and how it molded him into a career athlete, “Basketball has always been my first passion and a bridge for me to develop academically and socially. I’ve never been a good student but basketball kept me on track because I knew without my academics I could not play sports”. It wasn’t until my latter years that I realized academics should’ve been my priority so now I want to help every kid benefit from the intellectual and social development of sports. Now over 20 years in operation and over 200 kids awarded college scholarships. Aaron has created a blueprint for E.A. Prep Student-Athletes to succeed in not just sports but in life.


Mr. Aaron Alexander (Founder) est. 2001
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