Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes)

We offer an ability base program that aligns education and athleticism in order to create a path for success for all of our stars.

Just Play!

Serving a large number of constituents; specifically youth living in financial poverty, E.A. Prep Stars (Educated Athletes) works to fulfill its mission through our Just Play! initiative by instilling in our youth the values of sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork using athletics for the preparation of their next level of education – High School and ultimately College.


 Just Play!  Programming objectives are:

  • Decrease youth crime rates

  • -Increase youth physical activity

  • -Develop character, sportsmanship, and a hard work ethic

  • -Empowering parents and guardians

  • -Fostering environments that support healthy life choices

  • Just Play!  program initiatives provide economic equality based programming that builds solidarity through youth “sports themed” fitness activities.  Participants normally bound by poverty will directly benefit. At-risk youth that are living in poverty will learn foundation building skills to better cope with daily life challenges and move away from involvement in gangs, violence, crime or drug use.

Educated Athletes