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E.A. interscholastic athletic program use teaching approaches that focus on player evaluation, position training and a high competition schedule with one major goal in mind: to help every player tap into their true potential. EA Prep basketball teams are based on an understanding of basketball fundamentals. Coaches will focus on specific-position instruction to assist with increasing technical skill development. Our tactical program will ensure that our student-athletes enhance their progression through our world-class coaching staff by providing positive motivation along with great training to give players the chance to compete anywhere.

  • Fully commit to your team, your teammates, and E.A. PREP coaches
  • Attend all scheduled practices, games, and E.A. PREP activities. Unexcused absences will not be accepted. If you have conflicts, notify your coach immediately. Examples of excused absences:
    •  Illness
    • School activities
    • Family/church commitments
  • Be respectful to your team mates, coaches, officials, teachers, and parents at all times
  •  Refrain from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use or drugs, alcohol, and tobacco related activities
  • Remain academically eligible and in good standing within your school

Playing on an E.A. Prep Stars (Educated Athletes) team is a privilege – not a right. Parents/Legal Guardians

The E.A. PREP cannot succeed and prosper without parental support. This support comes in many forms. As an E.A. PREP traveling parent, we need you to:

  • Support the player
  • Support the team
  • Support the coaches
  • Support  E.A. PREP STARS

 Selection for an E.A. Prep Stars (Educated Athletes) team comes with expectations – not only for the players but also the parents and/or legal guardians. Here are the general rules and guidelines:

  • Stay informed on all scheduled practices, tournament, and activities
  • Establish and maintain positive lines of communication with E.A. PREP coaches
  •  Notify coaches of planned or excused absences in advance

In accepting this offer, the undersigned player will be committed to the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) program.  The signed acknowledgement of this commitment letter binds a player to the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) Organization for the current season. Players cannot participate with another team unless the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) Organization releases the player from this commitment. Also, the player must comply with applicable AAU, YBOA, USBA and USSSA rules with respect to changing organizations in the particular state of participation. By signing this commitment letter, I understand the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) team will not be secondary to other non-school sports. The undersigned player may play other selected non-school sports with the understanding that his/her participation with the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) team will be first priority. I also understand and acknowledge that all team practices and games are mandatory and all players must be attentive and on time unless otherwise agreed upon by the coach responsible for the undersigned player.   If player fees and/or additional tournaments expenses for the undersigned player are not paid upon the expected deadline, the undersigned player will be placed on a probationary period and will not be allowed to continue with the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) program until such fees and/or expenses are paid in full (This includes practice).

  • I understand that all uniforms are the property of the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes). As the parent and/or legal guardian I understand it is my responsibility to return the undersigned players uniform in received condition, with normal wear and tear. Uniforms are to be returned to the head coach at the last game of the season or the date determined by the head coach. I also understand that as the parent and/or legal guardian I agree to pay $100.00 if the uniform is not returned in the condition as noted above.
  • I also acknowledge that E.A. Prep Stars (Educated Athletes) has a NO Refund policy.
  • Birth Certificates and current School year Report Cards are required in order to participate with the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) Organization.
  • Players, parents and/or legal guardians must display sportsmanship at all times during practices, tournament games and while traveling during E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) team events. Violations will include dismissal from the E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) Organization.
  • E.A. PREP STARS (Educated Athletes) Organization and its coaches do not guarantee specific participant playing time minutes. Playing time will be earned during practice, continued improvement of basketball fundamental techniques, player’s attitude/commitments, and at the discretion of the coaching staff per individual player.